Mahad Masud

Mahad Masud

Mahad Masud’s Parents’ Comments

My younger son, Mahad Masud appeared very confident but yet he was facing some learning difficulties from his kindergarten days. In those days there was no such awareness for dyslexia. Later his inability to read and write properly became more obvious when he was about five years old.

Though he was brought up with lots of support, yet his growing difficulties in learning and writing became our major concern. We tried all resources but could not find any solution.

Later when Mahad was ten, we found out about READ institute and through them the much awaited teacher Mehmooda Ghazi at I-DARE.
Not every teacher bothers to connect with his/her students and we are glad she did exceptionally good that Mahad started to attend her classes religiously.
Her guidance and dedication helped Mahad not only to improve his learning but also to become an epitome of excellence.

Someone rightly said – “A truly amazing teacher is hard to find, difficult to part with, and impossible to forget”. We are so glad to have found a teacher like Mehmooda Ghazi, who inspired my son, Mahad, to be better everyday.
Thank you for everything because you truly deserve it.

Kehkashan Farid Masud