Institute for Dyslexics’ Assessment & Remedial Education

We possess teaching skills, knowledge, patience, flexibility, empathy and the ability to listen when working with children who face learning difficulties.


We use a structured, multisensory, phonetic/linguistic method that is uniquely designed and built around the child’s strengths and weaknesses.

Our specialist tutors provide individual, tailor-made program in literacy, numeracy and study skills for students of all ages and abilities.


Team of trained and competent remedial therapists engage students through uniquely developed interactive educational games and activities.

This promotes learning in a lively, interesting and personalized manner, enabling to restore the child’s self-confidence.


Supportive and nurturing professionals motivate and inspire children to unlock their potential and take a leap of faith in the right direction.

Success stories of dyslexic students of
I-DARE are a source of inspiration and pride for struggling students.