Students' Feedback

Zainab Lodi

❝Growing up, I knew I was different, which, at the time, my 7-year-old brain processed as something wrong with me. The teachers and kids at school didn’t make it easy either, as each assignment they were able to process and complete in a few minutes set a border between me and them.

Honestly, I didn’t like the idea of attending remedial classes, as special classes to help me achieve what other kids could do on their own was isolating. But that was one of the biggest misjudgments I had ever made.

Through the years at I-DARE, I was able to understand how to read and write without any issues, while learning how to deal with everyday tasks from this different perspective and socialize. The friendly environment at I-DARE, surrounded by other children who could relate, made the experience fun and enjoyable.❞

Mahad Masud

❝Growing up differently-abled with dyslexia and ADHD in a country with minimal awareness of neurodiversity, presented a multitude of challenges. Despite being gifted in this unique manner, the lack of support can often transform these gifts into seemingly impossible obstacles. I was one such child, blessed with the gifts of dyslexia and ADHD. These abilities, which can often feel like a curse without proper understanding and support, were part of my everyday life. I was different from my peers and siblings, and while they suspected that I was gifted in some way, our collective understanding of these gifts was extremely limited.

Our enlightenment came through a family friend who introduced us to a remarkable institution,
I-DARE. This institution serves as a beacon of hope, helping children who are gifted like me to excel in their personal and academic lives. For the next ten years, I-DARE became my second home. It was not just a place that facilitated accommodations for me in school and college but also a sanctuary where I came to understand that my unique abilities were not a curse, but a gift. It taught me how to harness these gifts for a more fulfilling life beyond academia. The transformative journey at I-DARE did not only improve my academic performance but also contributed significantly to my personal growth. This personal development played an instrumental role when I moved out of Pakistan for my education. The core values inspired in me by I-DARE assisted me in securing my first job and gaining admission into my dream college.

As I reflect on my journey, my heart fills with hope that every child who is differently-abled will find an institution like I-DARE. It is my wish that they will have their lives positively transformed, just like mine was. I stand today as a testament to the power of understanding and embracing our unique abilities. And with the right support, these gifts, which may initially seem like a curse, can become our greatest assets.❞

Mahden Ahmed

❝Growing up with dyslexia was definitely a hardship. My teachers and parents would notice how slow I was with studying, and it was until a lot later when my mom discovered about learning disabilities and took me for testing. I did not even know what dyslexia was when I was diagnosed with it, but my mother worked and found a tutor for me at I-DARE.

In the beginning, I would not write more than five sentences. But after a slow and painstaking process, my vocabulary grew. I was able to construct complex sentences and found my passion for writing. My teachers at school would praise my creative writing essays and I have secured my spot in a number of well-known universities. I can say with confidence that remedial classes for me were almost essential in me discovering my love for writing and research. I have been able to handle myself well to the point I receive praises as a prospective student as I walk on my road to life.❞