What is Dyslexia?

Dyslexia is a language-based difficulty in children, who despite conventional classroom experience, fail to attain the language skills of reading, writing and spelling commensurate with their intellectual abilities.


“Dyslexia” is a medical term while

“Specific Learning Disability” (or Difficulty) is an educational one.

(The European Dyslexia Association 1994)

Dyslexia can be described as a continuum of difficulties in learning to read, write and/or spell, which persist despite the provision of appropriate learning opportunities.


Institute for Dyslexics’ Assessment & Remedial Education

We possess teaching skills, knowledge, patience, flexibility, empathy and the ability to listen when working with children who face learning difficulties.


We use a structured, multisensory, phonetic/linguistic method that is uniquely designed and built around the child’s strengths and weaknesses.

Our specialist tutors provide individual, tailor-made program in literacy, numeracy and study skills for students of all ages and abilities.


Team of trained and competent remedial therapists engage students through uniquely developed interactive educational games and activities.

This promotes learning in a lively, interesting and personalized manner, enabling to restore the child’s self-confidence.


Supportive and nurturing professionals motivate and inspire children to unlock their potential and take a leap of faith in the right direction.

Success stories of dyslexic students of
I-DARE are a source of inspiration and pride for struggling students.

I-DARE Offers Services to Children Who May Struggle with:


Learning Difficulties
/ Dyslexia



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Speech Difficulties
(in special cases)


Slow Learning

A Different Ability


Borderline Autism

I-DARE Team of Professionals


Remedial Therapist




Speech Therapist


Occupational Therapist


Behaviour Therapist

I-DARE Success Stories

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Mahad Masud, previously a student of The City School, was accepted by:

  • San Francisco State University
  • California State University Long Beach
  • San Diego State University
  • UC Riverside

He is presently studying in UC Riverside, doing Management as his Major.

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Mahden Ahmed of Head Start School System achieved:

  • A* in Business Studies
  • A* in English Language

in O’ Level Exams in the year 2020.

Mahden has been accepted by the University of Illinois Chicago and aims to study there.

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Zainab Lodi of The Brighton Academy has written a storybook “Gullbano”. It is now used as a textbook in her school. She has also written an article for The Dawn Magazine named “Happiness is Life”.


She was selected to represent Pakistan in the International Young Writers’ Program named “Between the Lines 2021”, organized by the University of Iowa, USA.

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Mohammad Imran Ahmed of AMI School achieved:

  • A in Islamiat
  • A in Pakistan Studies

in O’ Level Exams in the year 2021.

Presently he is in A’ Level at Cedar College, Karachi.

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Ali Mehdi of Learn to Learn Academy has participated in and won Inter School Declamation Contest and Tableau Competition.

He actively participates in all academic and extracurricular activities at school.

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Affan Amin Bawany of Jaffar Public School appeared in IKLC.

He secured 29th Position out of 3831 students and got 9th Position in his school in the year 2021 in International Kangaroo Linguistic Contest.

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Ebraheem Lodi of the Brighton Academy was the winner of the Stream Fest of Science & Technology conducted in his school. He also received a Certificate of Merit for Excellent Talk on Islam and Science.


He was selected under Scientific Guidance Program for children under 15 years of age, named “Dare to Design”, by the University of Michigan, USA. He is currently running a YouTube Channel – “All About Cars”.

Students' Feedback

Zainab Lodi

❝Growing up, I knew I was different, which, at the time, my 7-year-old brain processed as something wrong with me. The teachers and kids at school didn’t make it easy either, as each assignment they were able to process and complete in a few minutes set a border between me and them.

Honestly, I didn’t like the idea of attending remedial classes, as special classes to help me achieve what other kids could do on their own was isolating. But that was one of the biggest misjudgments I had ever made.

Through the years at I-DARE, I was able to understand how to read and write without any issues, while learning how to deal with everyday tasks from this different perspective and socialize. The friendly environment at I-DARE, surrounded by other children who could relate, made the experience fun and enjoyable.❞

Mahad Masud

❝Growing up differently-abled with dyslexia and ADHD in a country with minimal awareness of neurodiversity, presented a multitude of challenges. Despite being gifted in this unique manner, the lack of support can often transform these gifts into seemingly impossible obstacles. I was one such child, blessed with the gifts of dyslexia and ADHD. These abilities, which can often feel like a curse without proper understanding and support, were part of my everyday life. I was different from my peers and siblings, and while they suspected that I was gifted in some way, our collective understanding of these gifts was extremely limited.

Our enlightenment came through a family friend who introduced us to a remarkable institution,
I-DARE. This institution serves as a beacon of hope, helping children who are gifted like me to excel in their personal and academic lives. For the next ten years, I-DARE became my second home. It was not just a place that facilitated accommodations for me in school and college but also a sanctuary where I came to understand that my unique abilities were not a curse, but a gift. It taught me how to harness these gifts for a more fulfilling life beyond academia. The transformative journey at I-DARE did not only improve my academic performance but also contributed significantly to my personal growth. This personal development played an instrumental role when I moved out of Pakistan for my education. The core values inspired in me by I-DARE assisted me in securing my first job and gaining admission into my dream college.

As I reflect on my journey, my heart fills with hope that every child who is differently-abled will find an institution like I-DARE. It is my wish that they will have their lives positively transformed, just like mine was. I stand today as a testament to the power of understanding and embracing our unique abilities. And with the right support, these gifts, which may initially seem like a curse, can become our greatest assets.❞

Mahden Ahmed

❝Growing up with dyslexia was definitely a hardship. My teachers and parents would notice how slow I was with studying, and it was until a lot later when my mom discovered about learning disabilities and took me for testing. I did not even know what dyslexia was when I was diagnosed with it, but my mother worked and found a tutor for me at I-DARE.

In the beginning, I would not write more than five sentences. But after a slow and painstaking process, my vocabulary grew. I was able to construct complex sentences and found my passion for writing. My teachers at school would praise my creative writing essays and I have secured my spot in a number of well-known universities. I can say with confidence that remedial classes for me were almost essential in me discovering my love for writing and research. I have been able to handle myself well to the point I receive praises as a prospective student as I walk on my road to life.❞

Famous Dyslexics

Albert Einstein: Physicist

His teachers said that he was mentally slow, unsociable and adrift in his foolish dreams.

Princess Beatrice: Princess of England

“Dyslexia is not a pigeonhole to say you can’t do anything. It is an opportunity and a possibility to learn differently. You have magical brains, they just process differently. Don’t feel like you should be held back by it.”

Tom Cruise: Actor

“Being dyslexic, I had to train myself to focus my attention. I became very visual and learned how to create mental images in order to comprehend what I read.”

Agatha Christie: Writer/Author

“Writing and spelling were always terribly difficult for me. My letters were without originality. I was an extremely bad speller and have remained so.”

Leonardo Da Vinci: Artist

“Dyslexia is probably one of the things that made da Vinci so creative, made him Leonardo,” says Salvatore Mangrone, MD Associate Professor in the Sydney Kimmel Medical College, “If you look at his notebooks, the orthography – the set of norms of writing a language – is a mess.”  “Leonardo had as many as nine different ways of writing the same word.”

Sir Winston Churchill: Prime Minister of United Kingdom

Describing himself, Churchill said, “I was, on the whole, considerably discouraged by my school days. It was not pleasant to feel ….. so completely outclassed and left behind.”

Jim Carrey: Actor

In his early years at school, Carrey was very quiet and didn’t have many friends. He was an undiagnosed dyslexic and often struggled in school.

Bill Gates: Businessman

“I failed in some subjects in exam, but my friend passed in all. Now he is an engineer in Microsoft, and I am the owner of Microsoft.”

Jennifer Aniston: Actress

Jennifer spent the first 20 years of her life struggling with a learning difficulty she didn’t know she had. “Before being diagnozed (with dyslexia), I thought I wasn’t smart, I just couldn’t retain anything. Now I had this great discovery, I felt all my childhood trauma – dies, tragedies and dramas were explained.

About Us

I-DARE was founded in the year 1999 by a group of experienced and dedicated remedial therapists.

It is an independent teaching and assessment centre which provides support for children, aged 5-16 years with specific learning difficulties.

At I-DARE, we aim to restore self-confidence and self-reliance by improving reading, writing, spelling, numeracy and memory skills, combined with a sensitive understanding, so enabling students to realize their full potential.

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I-DARE is presently working under the leadership of Mehmooda Ghazi, the founding member and CEO of the Institute.

She has over thirty years teaching experience at primary and senior levels in private institutions like The City School and The Beaconhouse School System.

She is a certified Remedial Therapist and holds the Read-Hornsby Diploma, which is certified by Hornsby International Dyslexia Centre, UK.

At present she is the Academic Consultant at the Ahmed Bawany Academy where she has set up a Dyslexia Department where less privileged students with learning difficulties are provided remedial help.

She is also currently Advisor to Kaka Bawany Centre which is a vocational centre.

Ms. Ghazi is actively involved in training remedial teachers, counseling of students and parents, working on content for students, personalizing their learning plans, and spreading awareness of learning difficulties/dyslexia in schools.

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Our Vision:

Our vision is of a dyslexia friendly society that enables dyslexic people of all ages to reach their full potential.

Our aim is to support dyslexics and provide them with an opportunity to know and understand their diagnosis; to become better readers and to become confident and successful students and adults.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to increase awareness of dyslexia and its true nature, specifically to illuminate the creative and intellectual strengths of those with dyslexia, to disseminate the latest scientific research and practical resources and to transform the treatment of all dyslexic children and adults.

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