Mahden Ahmed

Growing up with dyslexia was definitely a hardship. My teachers and parents would notice how slow I was with studying, and it was until a lot later when my mom discovered about mental disabilities and took me for testing. I did not even know what dyslexia was when I was diagnosed with it, but my mother worked and found a tutor for me at I-DARE.

In the beginning, I would not write more than five sentences. But after a slow and painstaking process, my vocabulary grew. I was able to construct complex sentences and found my passion for writing. My teachers at school would praise my creative writing essays and have secured my spot in a number of well-known universities. I can say with confidence that remedial classes for me were almost essential in me discovering my love for writing and research. I have been able to handle myself well to the point I receive praises as a prospective student as I walk on my road to life.