Mahad Masud

Growing up differently-abled with dyslexia and ADHD in a country with minimal awareness of neurodiversity presented a multitude of challenges. Despite being gifted in this unique manner, the lack of support can often transform these gifts into seemingly impossible obstacles. I was one such child, blessed with the gifts of dyslexia and ADHD. These abilities, which can often feel like a curse without proper understanding and support, were part of my everyday life. I was different from my peers and siblings, and while they suspected that I was gifted in some way, our collective understanding of these gifts was extremely limited.

Our enlightenment came through a family friend who introduced us to a remarkable institution, I-DARE. This institution serves as a beacon of hope, helping children who are gifted like me to excel in their personal and academic lives. For the next ten years, I-DARE became my second home. It was not just a place that facilitated accommodations for me in school and college but also a sanctuary where I came to understand that my unique abilities were not a curse but a gift. It taught me how to harness these gifts for a more fulfilling life beyond academia.

The transformative journey at I-DARE did not only improve my academic performance but also contributed significantly to my personal growth. This personal development played an instrumental role when I moved out of Pakistan for my education. The core values inspired in me by I-DARE assisted me in securing my first job and gaining admission into my dream college.

As I reflect on my journey, my heart fills with hope that every child who is differently-abled will find an institution like I-DARE. It is my wish that they will have their lives positively transformed, just like mine was. I stand today as a testament to the power of understanding and embracing our unique abilities. And with the right support, these gifts, which may initially seem like a curse, can become our greatest assets.